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Take a Ride on the Nightjet Rail Service and Experience the Best Views of the Italian Riviera



10 February 2023

If you've ever dreamed of going to the Italian Riviera, you're not alone in your imaginative thoughts. This narrow, crescent-shaped strip of stunning coastlines, magical beaches, quaint and colorful waterfront towns, rocky cliffs, and sun-filled, jaw-droppingly beautiful, panoramic views of the Ligurian Sea stretches from the Italian-French border to the Tuscan border in Italy, just past the province of La Spezia. Well-known for its luxurious villas, clifftop hotels, and extraordinary climate, the unique shape of the Italian Riviera provides visitors and residents with epic views of both the sunrise and sunset from its differing vantage points.

La Spezia is an ancient, beautiful port town located within the captivating region of Liguria in Italy, and it's home to Italy's largest, and most historical naval base. Its prominent location makes it an ideal destination for visiting several popular tourist destinations such as Cinque Terre, Pisa, and Florence, and many start their train and hiking journeys to Cinque Terre from its nearby location. That being said, the public train system in Italy is the best mode of sustainable transportation for getting around the country. And, Italy rail service providers such as Trenitalia will connect individuals from Northern Italy to its southernmost regions efficiently and inexpensively. Fortunately, for our Austrian and German travelers, there is now an Austrian rail service provider that is connecting passengers directly to La Spezia, Italy, and this new train route provides the best views of the dreamy Italian Riveria that one can experience.

From Vienna and Germany Through Italy via Nightjet

The first of two new Nightjet routes offered by the Austrian rail service provider, ÖBB, from Vienna through Italy, affords travelers a restful 14-hour train journey. Departing from the train depot in Wien (Vienna) in the evening, it makes its way through the Austrian Alps while passengers sleep peacefully in one of three travel categories: sleeper cabins, couchette coaches, or seating carriages. As passengers rise before dawn, they'll find they've crossed the Italian border, traveling through several magical cities in Northern Italy, such as Vicenza, Verona, and Milan before cutting down through the cuff of the boot to Genoa, Italy, then along the rugged and stunning Italian Riviera to La Spezia, arriving long before lunchtime.

The second of the Nightjet routes begins in Germany, traveling through Italy. Departing from the Munich train station, this sleeper train makes its night journey through Salzburg and Villach, before crossing Italy's border just before breakfast. Once in Italy, the route is identical to the Austrian journey with its final destination and arrival in La Spezia just in time for passengers to rest before setting off for pranza (lunch) along the Italian Riviera. For both departure locations, tickets range in price dependent upon the day of the week you're traveling, and which travel category you choose. All tickets can be purchased directly through their website and can be booked up to six months in advance.

Travel Through Magnificent Cities While Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

The Nightjet train service offers passengers additional routes to and through nine magnificent countries, all while comfortably sleeping and avoiding the chaos of the roads or madness of air travel. But don't just take our word for it. Lonely Planet dubbed Nightjet as one of the best European train routes to try this year.

More and more people are becoming conscious of climate change and global warming, with studies revealing that flying is detrimental to the environment — The New York Times deeming it the worst mode of travel for the planet's survival — traveling by train is becoming one of the top trending ways to journey within the United States, and all across Europe. Not only is rail travel more sustainable, as documented by the European Environment Agency, a single or roundtrip train ticket from one destination to the next is a fraction of the cost of an airline ticket. This way, you'll be left with much more money in your wallet for enjoying the mouthwatering Italian cuisine and those decadent gelatos in La Spezia.

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