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Explore the hidden marvels of Marradi,

a vibrant and green community within the Alto Mugello valley

Tucked between the lush, Tuscan-Romagna Apennines Mountain range

— within the province of Florence —

lies the vibrant, welcoming commune of Marradi:

the small, picturesque village with the heart of a lion.

Marradi, Lamone River

Our Story

The sparkling waters of the river Lamone surround this captivating area of dense forests lined with chestnut trees, wildlife, nature walks, waterfalls, and hiking trails.

Marradi is also the birthplace of the visionary poet, Dino Campana, of which this community is extremely proud of — his birthday is honored annually with festivities.

The great, Italian poet– Dante Alighieri–traveled through Marradi on his way to Ravenna, after being exiled from Florence: the famous Treno di Dante passing through Marradi, traces his journey from Florence to Ravenna for locals and tourists alike.

But it is the people who live here — the Marradesi — who have made Marradi what it is today. Their passion for life, and for their community is unprecedented.

Their compassion and kindness are humbling.

As you walk along the streets and alleyways here — or even when stopping inside one of the many family-owned, small businesses — you will always be greeted with warmth,

a huge smile, and laughter.

Marradi has been featured in the media
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